quinta-feira, 17 de março de 2011

V.A. Chain Reaction

01.The Hare And The Moon - The Rolling Of The Stones
02.Bpolar - Vertigo Turtle
03.Dolorism - Decrépitude
04.Lunatic Moe - A Dying Star
05.Loki fun Lilith + Halgrath - Obsidian Journey
06.D_e - Industrial
07.Herr Schmitd hat Krach - Orlocks Trip
08.Nosens - European Populism
09.Intergalactic Wizard - Decimal Point
10.Cousin Silas - Marsha
11.Subterrestrial - Devil's Triangle
12.Cezary Gapik - #0465
13.DEDALE(S) - New Room of Chaos Converted
14.Wulgata - Decades of Nothingness
15.Petstov - Awakening

CD. 1 Download

01.No Way Out - Fragments for Psychiatrical Pain
02.Black Era - Court of The Ants
03.Mentalny Kolaps - Dreams Of The Abyss
04.d-brane - By Reducing Man To A Mere Machine
05.This Playground Earth - Retail Therapy
06.Hazelpark - In A Safe Place
07.Heirdrain - Like A Nightmare...
08.Covered Faces - Don´t stop Bitch!
09.Ablaze Eternal - Yawm al-Qiyamah
10.Sanderson Dear - Electromagnetic Pulse
11.Mark Bradley - 3
12.God Pussy - Sessão Do Descarrego
13.Dolorism - Qumranremix
14.Cousin Silas - The Old Ones Awaken
15.Tarmacians - Effective System Control

CD. 2 Download

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