domingo, 3 de julho de 2011


ARMENIA was initially intended to sound as extreme as possible, by 1994 influenced by bands like VUX, Esperpento, ATTA, NULL, SPK We wanted to create some sorta of experimental noise trio (At that time it was Douglas C, Fabian T, and me) we were also very influenced by dadaism, Burroughs, and esotericism. I decided to work independently by 1998 but sometimes friends would join us, that's how Galo Gutierrez joined ARMENIA for quite a while. ARMENIA was never intended to be label as a music / art project, it might sound odd , but we wanted to be the opposite.

Four Palpitating Brains (live@SR Estudios, 1997)
No estaba enfermo, soy un enfermo (live@La Bunga, 04-04-02)
Promesa rota otra vez (live in Montañita, 2001)
Proyecto-QQ-Dark Cavern+Transfiguration+Armenia (live@Cautivo Beach Salinas, 2003)
Power of the Cunts (live@Tercer Piso)
Armenia collaboration con Felipe Pico (NCH)
Live in Quito 11 de septiembre 2003
Laboratorio-Dark Cavern+Industria Masoquista+Armenia
Live at Canibalismo industrial Fest 24 de Abril 2002
Neotronist (live@Excillium, 10-03-02)
If I were fifteen (track for Shift Coordinate Poins Guayaquil, 12-25-01)
livemasturbatorium@Tunnel Estudios, Guayaquil
Live in Cleveland (2005)
Armenia+Kakerlak+Legless - Live Assault 11-23-07

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