sexta-feira, 10 de agosto de 2012

Bemônio - Vulgatam Clementinam

Deep into the moist dark ambiences, Bemônio, catharsis by Paulo Caetano, utilizes processed synths that sound like old installations from a creepy portuary zone, making static ambientations tending to reach a hypnotic disturbed state and profund echoes that seem to be coming from an old cathedral.

Physical copies are available on cassette in limited copies via TOC label. You just need to contact us via e-mail for banking and mailing issues.

01 - Ritos Iniciais
02 - Comunhão
03 - Corpus Christi
04 - Salmo Responsorial
05 - Evangelho Segundo São Marcos
06 - Har Meggido
07 - Eucaristia
08 - Ritos Finais


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