quarta-feira, 10 de outubro de 2012

VICTIM! - This Is What You Love, Young Man, And It Isn't Beautiful!

01 - Crowd  
02 - Morning Silence
03 - Bruxism
04 - I Know You`re Not Listening
05 - Sleep Paralysis
06 - By The Way, You`ll Never Understand
07 - Hypatia I
08 - Hypatia II

Silence, coughing, orgasm, birth, silence again, desires, regrets, dark and damp corridors, psychological torture, undesirable images, pure relief, despair, love, personal problems masked by rage, elaborations, nudity, self-flogging, self-knowledge, daily routine, delay, bottling, order, and other beginnings, end, cycles, eternity, urgency, repetition, humiliation, suffering from being the minority, weakness, subjugate, there is no difference between our mothers and other women, incompleteness, difficulty of acceptance, deafness, blindness, abundant light, childhood, disagreement, outside, why did they nod their heads if nobody understood a word I said? Puzzle being assembled. Disappointment, comfort.

This is what you love, young man, and it isn `t beautiful!"

Physical copies are available in limited edition - with the complete artwork - via TOC label. You just need to contact us via e-mail for banking and mailing issues. contact@toclabel.com


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