segunda-feira, 14 de janeiro de 2013

Fiorella16/ Jab Lemur - Atomic

ATOMIC: is an album performed live via streaming by Fiorella16 (acoustic guitar, field recordings, vocals, toys engines) and Jab Lemur (No-imput sistem, electric guitar, field recordings, guitar pedals). Since they were in distant cities of Perú, They used internet video chat calls to transmit their sounds like shock waves Obtaining an effect of big distances that cross the sounds affected by different qualities of an erratic connection. This work influenced by Keiji Nakazawa's work in the Japanese manga series Barefoot Gen, the history of a child who survives the fall hiroshima's bomb explosion. The intention of ATOMIC is to create a sensation of claustrophobia in the middle of sounds of structures that crumble and unsuccessful communications caught in a great imaginary dome of protection.

01 - Atm01
02 - Jpn_h_shi
03 - GEN
04 - B29
05 - Atm02


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